Have Slice Markers Visualized In Separate Slices As Well

As far as I can tell, the slice markers are only visualized in the overall view, if you trigger different slices (with ‘auto select played’ enabled in the sample editor) this won’t show the slice markers at the beginning and end.

I think it would be nice to have them there in the separate slices as well, so you can adjust markers if needed to tighten the slices up.

+1 Definitely. I was finding myself a tad lost while wanting to quickly edit a slice and then being barred from that and then going back to the original sample and editing it

n.b. the sample zoom level should not fit the new slice boundaries until you e.g. double-click the scrollbar.
Also, attempting to drag the ends of the scrollbar even further out than “right at the edge” should slowly nudge that side of the zoom ‘window’ out while you’re holding the mouse button, with acceleration the longer you hold/further you drag.

Maybe. :)

What about this one? I often find myself wanting to slightly nudge the markers in slices for tightening purposes.