Have To Click Arrangement View Pane Twice To Access/Edit?

I’m hoping this is just a bug with me and not a change in the program. Having to click twice to switch from the ‘pattern editor’ to the ‘arrangement’ pane is a pane in the a$$. Is there a fix/edit for this other than using an older version?

I guess you mean the Pattern Matrix area. Sorry to say so, but that was an intensional change yes.
The only area that has a one-click priviledge for the left mousebutton is the pattern editor.
Any other area requires middleclick for direct focus as it has always been so for quite a long time.

Thanks so much for the quick replies. Not sure the reasoning for it as it only slows down workflow but I guess the middle button route will work.

you could also try to go View > Lock Keyboard Focus and switch it off. now a single click will focus whatever you click on. this may take some getting used to but some users are pretty happy with it.
also, aside from middle-click, Alt-click works as well.

oh, and double-click in the Pattern Matrix also works.