Have You Heard Of Loituma?

Such an odd internet meme going around these days, with the Finnish a capella group Loituma and their polka-song:


I have been toying with the vocals as well… strangely appealing :blink:


Never heard of Loituma, but I really like what you did with the remix. The fun thing is there are tons of Finnish bands that try to MTV it up to reach international fame but never make it while the most peculiar traditional Finnish music prevails.

Hey this song is a huge hit :D

Nice remix!

Thanks! :lol:

It’s version 1 - I’m working on the next version (add some pads, rhythm breaks, improved timing and stuff) and when it’s done I’ll post that as well. :walkman:

Wicked :) My little brother is working on a remix of this piece, too :) I guess, that Loituma will be the next big Hype :)

as iŽm finno, i can tell you that this is pure hardcore… %)


btw, this is really kool remix, i leik itt! (more than original vocal one) all three thumbz up!

edit: if i can ask, please take it lil bit more higher…more acidified

My little brother (http://www.ajfire.de/) created another short remix :)


is nice to see that guys are into finnish folk stuff…atm i´m working on greeck rebetiko music…really nice folks flowing around :)

btw, i´m coming over to greece on september-oktober so is here any greeckish renoisers, would be really nice to meet. bOM!

New Version by AJ Fire (my little bro)



I can’t seem to shake them :D

Now I’ve put them over a nice 4x4 and tweaked my 303 for all the acid fans out there!



Nice dubmixes…
Now dubmix this…