Having Issues With VST Effects

I have having issues with creating a macro to control a certain parameter in FM8. I found that in the effects section I could open VST Effects, but I can’t seem to map any of the shown parameters to the synth. I am also having trouble finding the parameter I am trying to map (operator z to e level). If anyone is familiar with FM8 help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using windows 8.1 64 bit, FM8 version 1.3.0

Currently, instrument macros (the 8 general-purpose rotary encoders) are exclusively for use with the sampler part of the instrument. It has been suggested that they should be able to control plugins too, but right now, they can’t.

In order to automate a plugin parameter you have the “Instr. Automation” device, which can be inserted into the track DSP lane.

Then locate the desired parameter and automate it either via rightclicking the slider, or going into automation editor.

If the list of parameters is overwhelming, you can perhaps pinpoint the exact parameter by using a tool like this one.

You made my day thank you fine sir :yeah: