I am still laughing my ass off. This is ROCK!

HAHA :yeah:

:yeah: :guitar: :unsure:

I will NEVER understand metal


I understand, but surely you must hold it in some esteem?
The element of nihilistic noise core? excessive self indulgent anger?
It’s more the fanatics i don’t understand. It’s A genre, not THE genre…

I’m not a fan of nihilism or anger, so no, not really ;)

I listen to all sorts of noisy music, but I see none of it as unrestrained anger. Anyone can scream into a mic… it takes an artist to make that screaming sound like music.

Nihilism breeds originality, how can you dislike it!?
Someone doing what they want to do regardless of the masses…(Initially this is what metal was, but it is now an easy but contradictive way to nihilism for most teenagers)
And, though i don’t find screaming entirely pleasing generally. I’m no stranger to white noise, and blitzed synths.
I spose what i mean is, don’t you ever want to chuck a monster in the mix, see what happens?

I know nothing of metal and don’t enjoy it personally, but i know Danni Filth<— :P (Cradle of Filth<— :huh: ) is an incredible vocalist…if not just a croaking screaming loon. It’s actually very hard to scream into a mic for a sets length of time…
One can only appreciate…that’s all though.


oh, lil bit ot but this is so funny…



I should clarify by the way… I don’t understand Death Metal, Thrash Metal and their various spawns. I’m fine with some early forms of metal, bands like Black Sabbath included, and various other offshoots of such.

K well first off, we have to get into the topic of “what is nihilism?” … the generally used, and somewhat incorrect definition of nihilism is “despair at the pointlessness of existence” … actual nihilists, however, believe that values do not exist but rather are falsely invented. Death Metal however, often tends to be based highly on religious themes, often taking a paganist or theistic satanist viewpoint. Clearly these themes are based on religious structures that promote various values. That said, any form of metal that has these religious overtones is not nihilistic by any means.

As for originality: Have you heard metal lately? I’ve not heard anything original come from it in ages. Generally, it’s all “more intense” versions of the same shit. The exception are bands like Meshuggah … which are only really original because they don’t stick to standard time signatures. Any of the other original metal acts have almost strayed entirely from the metal sound… Mike Patton, System of a Down, Strapping Young Lad… all of them have created their own sounds that, although sometimes labeled metal, are nothing like their parent genres. Well, ok… Strapping Young Lad still does some metal. But Townsend is one of the only metal vocalists I can stand, because he doesn’t always growl.

Oh Metal’s not really that anti-establishment… don’t give it that much credit. Metal is so popular now that it feeds off the masses. It also holds onto old-world ideals like hatred… and … well… hatred.

That said, it should be pointed out that the definition of nihilism isn’t “to be anti-establishment” either.

It’s hard to masturbate full force for hours on end too… but should it be looked at with respect? Even more, should it be looked at as art? :P

I’d love to know how to growl in that manner, but I wouldn’t do it on every track. It’s so boring to not be able to make out any of the lyrics.

I’m not up for discussing nihilism, because like any school of though, there are infinite variables depending on each person. However, satanism, can be considered a form of nihilism in its breakdown of christian morals, and acceptance of carnal pleasures…
The way i see it, most of these bands are doing it to piss people off…when they’re not playing and putting on facades, they’re kissing their parents/making love to their wives/taking their kids to the playground…

Agreed, it is now concentrated piss music. Seeking only to disturb. It can only get worse as these poor souls crave originality. Much like modern horror too, simply throwing in the most graphic of scenes not necessarily scary, more sick. What i said was, it was initially a way of rebelling, now it’s just …“sicker than thou” morals <_< . Although i don’t think you are making a point from this, just reinstating.

It was a rebellion… i didn’t use the words A-E, although since we are now, it can be coined for people who argue against an established church (the church of england). It is an act of rebellion…that, is what i meant.

Haha! :D Course not, everyone can wank…for hours on end…if they wanted to…but not everyone can growl for the same amount of time. It takes rigorous vocal training. It may not be to your liking, but these people should be appreciated for what they can do…the voice is an instrument, and these people are virtuosos of the growl so to speak…

This, is merely preference. ;)