headroom in tied instrument effect

sample +tied effect versus sample + insert effect

( same settings ) different gain stage .

Two identical samples , 1 distortion effect as tied to the instrument , the other as a track insert .
Distortion set to wavewrap , identical settings , the tied effect has a more pronounced effect of the distortion meaning a hottier input stage …but the output is less lower .
Since the waveshaping output is highly dependent on the loudness of the input signal , the tied effect sample has a louder input thus waveshaping is different , reducing input gain to distortion with

  • 4db then add = +4 db after distortion gives the same result as the sample with the distortion as an insert


Just noticed when the tied effect sample is played when master bus is selected , it souds the same as the other instrument , also when properties are set to 0 db headroom .

Is there some internal head room apllied in the tied effect ?

Also noticed that the output of tied instrument are getting in the red zone very fast , altough renoise is not clipping

I would check both pre-mixer and post-mixer settings, the volume fader of the latter is usually overlooked in such cases. (I suspect you don’t have any unawarely present gainers on the same track as the ones you use were to manipulate the audio presence).

When I post bugs you can be sure that I checked and double checked things like pre fader .


I am pretty sure there is some hidden headroom in the instrument tied effect instrumetnt

good find. the instrument fx chain headroom seems to be off (not 4 but 6 db’s actually)

weird indeed.

I Found out it’s actually really simple .
So 2 tracks , 2 identical samples + distorion effect ( identical sett ings .
ONe as insert , one as effect tied to sample .
Reason why they sound different
-12 db headroom , means pre fader …so the distortion on the mixerbus will have less input (-12 db ) meaning a less pronounced distortion effect , whereas the sample with distortion effect tied , will have -12 db after the tied effect .
You can check this by going to playback options and gradually increase headroom , you’ll notice that sample+insert will have more distortion applied ( increaing input to effect,pre fader ), whereas sample +tied effect will have a louder output, but the distortion amount will be the same( increasing input to mixer, post effect tied , thus ) .

This one had me scratching my head for a while

I thought I was going crazy or something when I had to insert a gainer pre-cab sim to get the same distortion when I literally copied the chain from the track.