Headz Up, Nagz Is Here ;)

well hi, let me share some pieces made entirely in Renoise, all are rendered to MP3

at first, my reference webpage is here!

some decent songs:

Hringur EP
a 2-tracks EP along with a microsite, also featured on Kahvi Collective

And Now I Start Floating Away Gently
a psychill-like … thing, made in the beginning of 2006. all native, no vst/vsti was used

Destroy Create Konfuse
all native, made on 2006’s summer, some dancy stuff

Fell The Funky Beat Yoo
don’t believe the title, this is some demoscene-ish crap :) my first decent song made in RNS, fall of 2005

Arcane Islands
a game which i supported with 16 musics and sound effects. My hands are bound to feature all the musics (which are in various styles, from classical to space-metal through samba and utter abstractions… blah), so you should buy the game to hear all of them:D tricky, ey?

and some backstage stuff:

This is a non-mastered 99% preview of the official remix of Disco Galaxy, a song made by Mantra Porno, a great hungarian “dancy stoner pop” band (or something like this:)

i found this one and this one and probably this one quite good (the last one will be featuring a real bassguitarist), but this one is crap :D

that’s enough for now i think… have fun, enjoy, et cetera, and please post comments if you have any!


the apathetic mood of " a loud year " - splendid stuff.
good to hear some new stuff of yours.
looking forward to read and hear from you more frequently here :)

keith! kaneel! i knew my dogz will find me in no time :’)

damn… you just got yourself a new fan. every single one feels like a gem.
really inspirational.

good to see you again, nagz!

would be great if you could add your songs to our songs page!

posting the XRNS versions of the songs with no plugins would also be excellent…

Hey Nagz. Good to see you’re using the most sensible bit of sequencer-software left on this planet :D

Hi nagz, thanks for the conversation last night on IRC ;)

Really liked “And Now I Start Floating Away Gently”.

would i sound like a gullible hippy by saying “i love you all”? :D
i will post more musics soon.

let’s have a healthy competition in May! .)

kisses, beers & free malay hookers:

swell nagz is here :wub:
Loved your xm´s back then!

Gotta check out the new stuff now. :)

outstanding :) thx

i’m out from demoscene for good :)
come visit budapest, guaranteed hangovers every following day!

where gave you been all MY life :0

cool stuff as usual. both thumbs up 'n through the roof.

Love your style!

Really interesting stuff. Not usually the kinda music I listen to but really “scenish” ;)

welcome nagz!

another scene-artist is back.
thanks for sharing.

Well, now he will sound, uhh… incredibler. :)

I got Hringur on Kahvi when it came out [love that netlabel!] and I listen to Loud Year a lot :)