hear all tracks during step by step editing ?

Hi there !

I’m brand new to this forum, and to renoise to, just playing around with the demo version for the moment, but I already like it a LOT :)
I was wondering if I could find some really useful fonctionality I used to enjoy while composing with ancient soundtrackers : when editing notes step by step, using the computer’s keyboard, do I have a possibility to hear all simultaneous notes on all active tracks ?

That’s a very very useful trick to edit harmonies or rythmic patterns, sort of “semi-live” editing (so you don’t have the stress of “real” live editing, staying in rythm and all, finding the right notes with a computer keyboard… but you can hear the whole music playing step by step while you are adding notes…)

By default, when editing tracks, I can only hear the note I’m typing on the active track’s column.

Do you have some tips for me ?

Thanks in advance :)


Welcome to Renoise. Glad you’re enjoying it.

The default keybinding for something similar to what you are asking is ‘enter/return’. This will play all notes on the currently edited row.

Hope this helps.