Hearing The Current Line At The Same Time As Enterin

Is there a way of hearing the current line at the same time as entering a note? Since there is no “play notes while scrolling” option, and I forget what one hits with the arrow keys to hear what is played at the same time to get it to do the same thing as the enter key, and one has to hold both CTRL AND Left Shift and down arrow to get the arrow keys to do what editstep is set for, it would be great if there was a way (without hitting more than 2 keys at once) to hear what is on the current line while at the same time hearing the note being entered?

This sort of thing is still the kind of thing that I miss from MED Soundstudio. I make songs by ear, and to hear what I’m entering in conjunction with what is already laid down would be fantastic. The option may be there already, which is why I’m posting this in Help & Support.