Hearing The Current Line, Editstep, Continue, And Rewind

An option somewhere, probably in preferences (but I suppose it could be a button in the main screen), that makes it so anytime the pattern editor is scrolled, it plays the notes the same way as when I’m hitting enter–basically a play notes while scrolling option. This way I can hear exactly where I am in the song, and when I’m entering notes I can hear what other notes are being played at the same time in that same row. It’s an option that was in Med Soundstudio that I still miss a lot.

A tiny on/off button right next to EDITSTEP that makes it so when it’s ON, the cursor keys are affected by the EDITSTEP value as well. I know there’s a key combination to doing this, but I still think an on/off button would make it much easier.

And then there’s the standard for the quick key for continuing playing the song in record mode from where one is currently in the pattern–why is the standard for this a multi-key combo being that it’s a somewhat important option? Why is there no button to click with the mouse pointer for this option?

I also think having a button that either plays the song from the beginning or rewinds the song to the beginning would be great.

Right now the button layout is: Play from beginning of pattern, loop block, stop, and record.

I think it would be much better if it was:

Rewind or play song from beginnning, play from beginning of pattern, continue playing from where one is in the pattern, loop block, stop, and record.

EDIT: Changed “3 key combo” to “multi-key combo”

Should I have split this into several posts?