HeartBeatHero and Ri-Music - Open the gates (Soundtrack)

HeartBeatHero and Ri-Music - Open the gates (Soundtrack)


Got to work together with René Iova of ri-music.

Check out his work at https://soundcloud.com/ri-music




The track absorbs from the first notes. As if music prepares to the encounter with something fantastic. I have imagined Lord of rhe Rings world at once. The name describes the general atmosphere just fine. The name triggers the feeling of something epic, and this seems to allow the phantasy of listeners to imagine what adventures are waiting for them. The instruments are selected proficiently and harmonize well, catching and continuing the tune. The soundtrack for TES 3: Morrowind sounded for me catching in the same way. Great cooperation, I listen to this track on repeat. It would be cool to hear the development of chosen theme.

I quite enjoyed this actually… Probably not what I’d normally listen to but it’s quite captivating. I could imagine this playing as intro music to an awesome medieval-style video game or something. Has a lot of feeling to it.


First, thank you for your elaborate comments. As of the development I had the intro as an unfinished track and René Iova of ri-music brought in his skills to finish it into this fine product. Thanks for listening.

@Arrhythmic Orange

Thanks for listening. It definitely has a medieval-style. I had game of thrones in mind while creating it.