HeartbeatHero - Super Kick Butt Mega Power Force Man (Chiptune)

HeartbeatHero - Super Kick Butt Mega Power Force Man (Chiptune)


Have fun!

I haven’t recieved any comments. Hoping that every one just seemed skip over this song.

That track is not that easy to listen to. I can only speak for myself and for this I know,

there’s no spontaneous association or memory or whatever to fit this tune. So I

suggest, you give the audience at least a rule of thumb, what your track stands for.

As an example, I “helped” myself imagining a C64. On the screen there’s a little guy

in a superhero costume, shooting colored gems at the bad ones gathering around.

He’s jumping and activating gizmos, things happen pretty quick, lots of colors.

With that action scene in mind I made it a lot easier to myself - but also can be

completely wrong.

Just my small-minded 2 cents… :wink:



pretty cool, liked it. definitely see myself playing some oldschool shooter to this. maybe you overused the voice sample a bit too much in the second part of the track?