Heatseeker - I Got Jigs To Make You Jive

Hello fellow Renoisers, this is my first post but I’m a longtime lurker. I get a kick out of hearing what others have created with this amazing software and thought I’d share some of mine. It’s a dirty, groovy tune that incorporates some fast breakbeat style stuff.


Lately I have been trying to improve on my mixing/mastering. Getting nice and friendly with EQs and trying not to compress everything.

Ha like some industrial hiphop. Yeah its realy dark, and very good1. Sometimes i think renoise users uses dark kernel 2.6.1 :P

Thank you, I have made a lot of hip hop in the past and was listening to this group called Tobacco, and pretty much went from there with this song. Thanks for listening.

Nice track.
I like how you vary the beat

Very intersting track. Great sound selection (speech samples, beat, melodic sounds) and realization.

Heatseeker, now isn’t that something. I think I remember chatting with you on #trax back in the day!
heh, I joined Onyx back then just before it split, you had some stuff there haven’t you?
Nice to catch you here 14 years later. apparently we’ve got some old time sceners around here - Mickrip, keith303, It-alien, dblue (edit: MH in Onyx :))
but what do you know… once a tracker, always a tracker ;D
gonna check out the stuff now.

14 years ago I was 8 years old and probably thought a tracker was something spies discreetly attach to the undersides of cars they’re trying to tail…had to have been another Heatseeker! Hope he doesn’t mind I inadvertently bit his username. ;)

Nice track, although I must confess the title had me expecting something jaunty with a bit more swing to it. a la “Lucas With The Lid Off” if you’ve ever heard that song.

Definitely dig the creepy instrumental bridge.

Hey! I loved this track. Good job!

Well you had me there for a minute. ;)
Good stuff, by the way!