Hello, A New Song.

I started out trying to make some sort of underground resistance/dexorcist type bass thing, that sort’ve ended up as a reverb soaked black hole, where the drums are too low, maybe? I dunno, anyway.

It is the first song on my myspace, called antarctic bass.


I would appreciate some feedback if people have time.

I just switched from DR (danish radio broadcasting) 's electronica netradio station to your stuff. And it’s really more enjoyable than most of what I heard there :slight_smile:

And no, loud drums are an annoyance, IMO they fit nicely into the chippish pictures you draw.

oh, thanks, that’s really nice.

The music conveys pictures of barren, moist landscapes (I think “moor” is the word I’m looking for)

I’m also a big fan of Ceephax Acid Crew :lol:

hah, yeah, he’s pretty rad. I saw him do a very sketchy acid version of bingo at a festival in november.

Also, your description is real nice, my music stuff kinda goes hand in hand with visual stuff that i do as well, which at the moment is paintings that are kinda like what you were talking about, so thanks a lot.

sry for the bump.

looks like darwinia

Which again, looks kinda like Virus?

yeah i was seeing virus there. or populus: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/madjock.m/Games/Pics/Pop2-2.gif

anyway the paintings and the music are both pretty cool

rad, I rly like the style in those games, so yeah, i guess they were an influence.

did you play the 3d populous? It was pretty good. the 3d world worked really well.

yeah, I like the flow of that song, and Its good to listen to something different like that :D

keep it up.