Hello Community

What U think about this ?

It’s nice,

i’d check it if you linked to a stream. ;) soz, i’m just lazy.

It’s rns.

Thank you Dainhumain :)

thats actualy realy cool!

tho’ I disabled the filter3 on track 04 :)

yeah, really nice track, but i also disabled that filter, mentioned in previous post :)

Sounding pretty good.

i c!

then it’s no go here at work. :< i’ll check it when i get home.

Thx all :)
…and filter3, i was afraid of to much low freq on kick.Are u have sabwoofer?

nope, I dont have a sub-boofer. tho’ if you like I can test the tune on my other cheese “bad-bass” stereo.

in the end its just your own taste I suppose.

Yes, it would be nice. Thank you :)

My computer choked on this. :(

it didn’t die on me but i could just play back the first seconds or so and then it went silent. :<

maes, Kameleontti: o0, i thought my pc is too slow.

nah, the file appeared to be corrupt. but then again it loaded fine for other people so i don’t know. maybe some version issue. * shrug*

I don’t. I think you are using excess of effects.

Yes my pc is a bit slow. But still better music that I have made has been made with worse equipment that I have.