Hello, I'd Really Like Some Feedback On A Song.

I just finished a song.
To me, it kinda sounds sort of like minimal techno with jungle beats, and it’s maybe a bit slow.
but yeah, I’d like to see what other people think about it.

a song that doesn’t really have a title.

Writing as I listen.

The first thing that strikes me is that the organ and the jungle beat is kind of… not working together.
I think it’s got something to do with both EQ and the sounds.

Try to lower some midfrequencies on the organ, or lower the volume.
Or try to apply some effects on the instrument, so that it doesn’t sound so boring, maybe flanger, phaser, or just switch the instrument for something that sounds more right, that is to say less dominant.

The melody the organ plays sounds a bit too repetative to be allowed to play all through the song like this. It just ends up being irritating. Which is why I would add some effects to make it sound more interesting.

Everything else in this tune sounds alright, really.

But alot of it gets put in the shadows by the organ.

Again EQing might help this.

Thanks for the tune though, looking forward to listening to more from you :)

PS: just read through my review and even if it seems like it I don’t mean to sound like I’m only criticizing.

yo, thanks for your reply.
Don’t worry about being critical, it’s helpful.

Yeah, I kinda wanted the organ to repeat so it just fades into the background, but that is a hard line to walk without getting annoying.
I took down some of the midrange and that sounds better, well, less at the forefront, which is good.
And the flange is a good choice as well.
Also, sticking a few different notes in.
Basically, everything you said. Hah.
Still trying to get it down, cause i usually just ignore messing around with eqs and stuff (entirely out of laziness) but it’s interesting. I’m just at the stage of wondering whether to get this right or move onto another song and learn from this one.

Yeah, I’ve noticed I’ve become lazy when coming to “fine-tuning” tunes also. That is, paying attention to minor details in tunes.

But, I think this has got alot to do with how satisfied I am with the tune to begin with. It’s not really that inspirational to fine-tune and master a track you’re bored with after hearing it a couple of times.

When I make a song I’m REALLY happy with though, I can sit and experiment with mixing, compressing and adding things for days.
Dunno if this is the case with you too, though.

Anyway, please post the tune again as soon as you’re finished with it!