Hello! I'M New Here.

Greetings fellow Renoise users! I’m the new guy, haha. That aside… I have a couple songs to share, I’m kinda curious on how to improve my tracking skills and all that jazz. So I’d welcome tips as well as constructive criticism. I’ve only used Renoise for a couple months (It’s also the first tracker i’ve ever used.) So go easy on me! If I were to classify these songs into a genre… Chiptunish?

The first song is Orbit:

And it’s actually a cover song. The original artist is Lain Trzaska (She music) who is also a Renoise user. I’ve incorporated a Vocaloid into this song with random anime references. にぱああああ~

Updated! Thanks Simonus!

The next two songs are my originals:

My first song I’ve ever made on Renoise, Solar System.

And a sequel to the Solar System.

Thanks and nice to meet you all. :3

Welcome to renoise forum:)

I like your Little chip :) Solar System tunes :)

1st one got nice atmo and it could be improve a little. Vox is pretty and it could be nicer with less reverb little eq on it. Try to put eq, delay with groove preset, and reverb with room preset.

And with overal master i think it clipps or maybe its my speakers ;)

But on master track put compressor (before i did gainer, but compressor works better), after compressor put some filter and cut very low feq, and eq im always trying to make it simlar like rock presset in winamp with my custom things (it sounds very clear that way), and last maximalizer (limiter). That is my chain, works very good for me.

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you like Solar System :D

I tried out your suggestions for Orbit and it certainly did add more life into the track. Thanks!

I appreciate the help!

No problem waiting to hear effects ;)

Hehe, alright. Sorry for the delay, It’ll be up on Sound Cloud in a bit.