hello renoise ... first post/first track

So, hello renoise forums!

i didnt really feel justified saying hello until i had something to share - this is without doubt one of my better attempts (go ahead judge me :P/>/> ).

im aware my use of compressors/maximisers is uhh far from ideal to say the least


That track rocks! I love the bassline and that synth that comes in at 0:50.
Spectacular intro in the beginning btw. :slight_smile:
And indeed: it’s totally compressed right “in the face” :)

Wooooow, the beginning is awesome, a bit darkish. Still love it. Very … my school.
Some initial Goa Head sounds :) Reminds me a bit of a Danish band called Overloads: Sundown (love that track)
Excellent ending!

Just my elec music.
Keep posting em

I like it!

I like the bassline and use of stereo and cutoff. :)

I agree that the intro is awesome! Cool energetic bassline and beat. Reminds me of playing Half-Life for some reason, haha. My only complaint is that there are a lot of instruments sharing the low range in the beginning, but the pad swells around 2:00 make it fill out more. Maybe have more of those? Anyway, great jam!

nice track, not really my style but still liked it… maybe powerful kick could take this track higher…

thanks for the comments!

i might open this up again some time this week and make a few adjustments along the lines suggested. the kick in particular felt strong when i added it; im guessing its got muddied by too much low end, then … but, for the time being, ive been distracted by other tracks.

had a listen to the overlords, really cool track! id never heard of them.

oh, and i played alot of half life 2. perhaps thats showing through :P

Really nice for a first Renoise track.
But then again, ofcourse Renoise isn’t too hard to create this great stuff in ;)

Well i say first track but of course, you cant see what ive deleted! :shudder:
Safe to say, my first first track has been safely consigned to the Recycle Bin of history.

in other news, spent past week or so fiddling with this…


made a point of trying to both cover the high-end a bit more, and clean up the low end… it sounds cleaner than stuff ive done previously but have i got the balance (in the direction of) correct? i cant tell if theres too much bass, and if the hihats etc. are audible. when i listen back to stuff, i always lose track of the whole and focus on the particulars…

input appreciated!