Hello There.

hello. im currently trying to get to grips with renoise and im enjoying the challenge. im currently using FL but it is very limiting when you use it for a while. for example, it is extremely difficult to affect the pitch AND note length using FL. its like one or the other or a lot of working around the limitation…sucky.

so yeah, im not down with the 09XX business yet but iv got the entries for beatcomp 4+5 and im studying up. i hope to shell out for renoise proper within a month (basically when i make something i just have to render to wav.)

i hope this post wasnt to excessive.

my current music can be found below but it doesnt really matter now does it? :slight_smile:



Hello and welcome to Renoise!!!

Making music with renoise couldnt be easier, whenever you hear the music in your head, or the lyrics (unless it’s KILL KILL KILL) it’s a breeze making/tracking it into your new favourite sequencer :)

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the renoise club B)

that should be on a box somewhere :slight_smile:

cheers (i have a Q already, time for thread 2 in as manyhours). the speedy reply has affirmed my hunch about the ‘community’. people use that word about where i live and it aint that, here however seems nice.

For some, Renoise is just one tool in a set. For others, it’s the only tool that matters.

Either way, the more Renoise users the merrier.


the man himself. smoking is bad and all that jazz. seriously, i walk around my house asking no-one whether “tactic should include…a muthaf****iiiiiiiiiiiiiin beatslice-uuuur” :D nice vids for the most part mind. cheers.

Haha, not me, that’s Kaneel. I just did a remix for BB5.

haha. hi :) and i can finally say that i agree. there is clearly no need for a beatslicer within renoise. aaaaah…closure.

welcome d00d!

One wishes the newcomer welcome.

Hello there, this seems like a good thread to introduce myself too.

My name is Hugues and I have started making music with modplug tracker many years ago (before vst support). What I liked a lot in the original was the standard windows interface controls, and amazing speed because it was coded in assembler.

Later on, I really got stuck with modplug vst automation limit, it could not automate a lot of parameters from a lot of vst easily. And recently I purchased some hardware synths and effects which I want to record directly in a tracker. Like most good tracker users, I compose my songs without midi controller recording and found the piano roll editor of all daws a pain in the a__. But a daw was the only multitrack audio solution at the time. Good for audio but s____ at midi edition, I think having to click your way through your melody is unproductive.

After giving up for a daw with a tracker interface (does it even exist?), and syncing a tracker with a daw because of timing issue, latency and unstable setup. I thought renoise might be the right tool for me. Basically I want to enter notes in good old tracker fashion, send the midi notes to my hardware synths and record back from the synth in realtime audio. Along with standard tracker features, especially IT extensions support. Having an easy way to automate vst plugins is a necessity also.

Another feature I would like to have is standard windows controls or a skinable tracker so I can at least use standard fonts painted black on a white grid. Being a modplug user, I always had a hard time with the looks of most tracker, weird colors and strange fonts usually. Cool interface for the noob kid, but unnecessary disturbing for me. Having a standard interface is also a boost for performance. By the way, do you know what language was used for coding renoise? I guess C++.

A good sampler with comprehensive functions supporting standard tracker effects is taken for granted too.
I am not too impressed by claims of 32 bit audio or such, what I am looking for is a good resampling engine. How do you feel about renoise resampling options? which resampling technique do you use? which one gives the best quality in renoise?

Finally, what I really want is a all in one composing and recording solution for using a tracker with my hardware synth. Is it possible? Have you done it with minimal problems and setup headache?

I understand I could mess with the software and check out every feature to see if it meets my need. But I’ve already spent too much time with trackers claiming great features failing to deliver. So I reach out for your experience before taking the plunge.

Please tell me if something is unclear because of my english, I really like to have feedback on this.

Thank you,

ctrl+shift+alt+r baby

Was that suppose to mean something?

BTW, It’s Disco Time BABY!!! YEAH!!

Thanks Bantai, you have answered all my questions.

Just to adress a few things, I think the first modplug had some critical asm routine and was left behind for OpenMpt, though my memory is probably worse than yours. I am happy to hear renoise had those issue in mind too and took the same approach. Considering how bloated modern daws are, a bit of oldschool programming is always welcome.

I totally agree with you about the 32 bit issue. My english just got a bit out of control there, what I mean was good resampling is the main feature I consider for sound quality. Of course, that’s my personal point of view after having worked with lower bit depth.

I switched back to countless daws and now I am really determined to get back to tracking after much disapointment from the piano rolls.

Just tried renoise today, it looks promising. But I feel the need to minimize most of the interface in order to maximise the pattern window. Though it can’t be worse than in ableton live. Got to learn it and I guess it will feel confortable soon enough.

if you don’t know this already: you can use the second and third buttons from the right to hide top and bottom panels and expand the pattern view.

About recording external hardware into renoise: prepare for bouncing.

Some personal experiences on the topic:

First thing i tried to do was put a line-in device on a channel, pipe my external gear into a mixer and that mixer’s out into my sound card’s line in. Even with ASIO, you’ll notice that the combined latency of MIDI, ASIO and DSPs/VSTs together will basically make this approach completely useless during production. In addition, Renoise doesn’t support rendering (or should i say recording) in real time with mix-in of line-in devices to the final wav render.

Until we get some kind of per-track delay compensation (or you do this with VSTs, whatever), real-time use of external gear with heavy post-process isn’t viable for anything but testing purposes. Of course this also depends heavily on your tolerance for imprecise timing (of which i have absolutely none).

My workflow right now is to run external gear into renoise with a line-in device and set up effects until i’m happy with that. Then run the renoise outs into a mixer along with external gear and listen to the mixer master and rely on the hardware itself to supply effects etc during production. When i’m satisfied with the actual production, i use syncronized recording in the sample editor to record external gear into samples. Sync recording has pretty perfect delay compensation built in.

It’s hardly ideal, but it does work.

The way i see things, Renoise isn’t primarily a workstation for recording audio, though it has facilities to help you along. You may want to consider Renoise as a sampler/sequencer and use secondary hardware with something like Live or whatever to record Renoise and your external gear into separate tracks for final mixdown and post prod.

By audio line in, do you mean you are recording using a consumer sound card? Such cards have big latency issues no matter what software you use.

I have outboard effects so I want to record dry audio with no vst effects and with reasonable timing. Sync recording in the sample editor is fine for me. Using Cakewalk Sonar was absolutely horrible for recording, I don’t know why but audio playback in sonar (without vst) sounds all chopped off, kinda like having a heavy gate plugin as a master effect :( Asio drivers and and decent cpu don’t help at all.

I am totally open to record the renoise midi tracks to audio in another sequencer, but I never had a positive experience with syncing 2 software together. That’s why I hoped renoise could play the midi to my synth and record the audio synced.

welcome to rinåis!