i tried out the demo of renoise on tuesday, by friday i had decided that i must have it. i’ve never done tracking before and found it came naturally, but i am a total renoise beginner and will probably bombard this board with boring questions that everyone has answered a thousand times etc. i’m looking forward to making some stuff on it and chatting to all you crazy people.

and i particularly like this emoticon :drummer:

hello i’m ned

Nice to meet you Ned, I’m Gurth.

Welcome, Ned – I’m relatively new here, too. I agree, somehow I’m faster at using Renoise than I am at other sequencers. Probably it’s that cut / paste continuously / humanize combo. Or the ability to send dsp slider values to the effect column. At any rate, it’s certainly given me new rhythmic ideas – sort of like having Superman for your drummer, with Green Lantern providing the drum kit.

welcome ned.

Let me quote one of Fatboy Slims tunes and say: The Weekend Starts HERE.

At Renoise.com

De Kruijf, aangenaam.

Where would people ended up if they never asked (the same) questions?
Feel welcome to ask at anytime, the manual is not always that easy for everybody to comprehend.

one day in your life, you suddenly discover that the musical part of your brain has been created with a tracker scheme.

after that, you’re trapped.

welcome :)

hello ned… you will find that there is no question, on any subject, that this forum cannot answer.

welcome, what style of music do you like to make?

i make all sorts of stuff. i find certain programs can determine what music i make, but i can see myself doing alot of stuff with breaks in renoise, plus general sound collage type stuff.

I try to make acapella songs, the only problem is that I can’t sing. So I allways end up making very loud techno.