Help A Microsoft Excel N00b Make A Diagram! Please

Hey, been working on this composition for school now for almost a half year :blush: the exam is next tuesday, but I’m still having trouble finishing up the documentation.

The theme of the composition is (broken) equipment out of my room, the sounding result is derived from banging my fists & tunefork against the machines, using the samples in a max/msp patch.

I derived the structure from the dates I bought the equipment (starting point of samples), and dates the equipment died (end points -> no sound). All fine and dandy, and the music is almost finished, but I just can’t figger out how to get a diagram in microsoft excel to look like a sketch I made using the given start and stop properties.

I’ve rarred an excel file with the start & stop times of the different room object samples, + a drawn sketch of how it is supposed to look.

If anyone can help me with this that would be greatly appreciated!

I got some answers on other boards and made the bar diagram myself :)

  • cheers dxper

I thought this was a spam topic… also saw a topic on the KVR forums with the same title :P

Yeah :) I always cross-post my lifes problems across the internets! More chance of getting a solution then, and it works.


I need to figger out if it is possible to ‘merge’ data for 2 of those bar diagrams in one? So I can see where certain bars (samples) overlap?

I’ve uploaded the data I’m working with, here:

Overlapping of samples occurs because:

I timestretched the original 600 second recording of the max patch to another 300 seconds version.
I cut up the 600 second recording into smaller blocks, according to the times machines start & stop in the composition and placed those blocks on top of the 300 second composition -> at the same ratio starting & stop times of the 600 second composition.

For example, in the 600s piece the amiga section starts at 132.057 seconds, the next cut is where the Roland starts (at 396.172). This is a sample block of 264.115 seconds.

In the 300s piece the amiga section starts at 66.0285, I placed the previous 264.115 second cut out block at that point, making it overlap where the roland starts in the halved composition.

Sounds confusing, but maybe the link to the data can shed more insight what I mean? help