Help: Chords And Pattern Editor?

Hi. I like the chord button - but I have one problem - I can’t play my keyboard all that well.

Is there a way in which you can record chords in single step mode without actually hitting space to record in real time?

For example, if I press two notes on my keyboard, how can I record the two notes into two columns of a track in a single step?

This sounds like a simple enough thing to do - I’d be very surprised if Renoise doesn’t have this feature. At the moment only one note is recorded when I press two keys and I’m recording one note at a time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Awesome! Now why couldn’t I find that in the key shortcuts… :) Thanks - it had to be an easy answer.

There are some tools here for that case (unfortunately I dont remember the names), so you should check the tools section. For more advanced options theres a VST called scaler, but it`s not cheap.