Help Entering Effect Commands

well as you know im new to renoise,i know how to make tracks in renoise with samples,but this evening i wanted to try and use some effect commans,but i cant seem to figure out how i enter them,i know i should enter them in an effect column,but from there im lost,im using a laptop without numeric keyboard

so far i have opened the tuturial tracks and copy/pasted

please help a nOOb out

please help

doen’t this page or these videos help?

If your still stuck jump into the reesnoize IRC and i’ll give you any help you need OK


i will give it another go after work today,and NAS if im still stuck i will come on IRC thanx

Just don’t forget to press escape (and pop around the red borders surrounding the pattern area) before doing any typing.
Copy/paste always works regardless the edit mode status.

I shall make some additions to the effect page to make that more obvious…

thanx it could be that i forgot to press the escape,will try after work

i finally found out how to do it,it was simply a matter of pressing the escape button.thanx for you help guys :D