Help, I Have No Idea Of The 1.8 Workflow!


I was using 1.5 and liking it but now I’m confused! Is it anymore possible to browse trough folders and preview and load samples to empty slots by using only the keyboard? It doesn’t seem to work as it used to.

Could someone nice please tell me how handle these functions using only the keyboard now as I hate having to use the mouse so much :(

Thank you!

You now have a new focus system and ‘Global View Presets’ (F1-F7).
You can also save the focus on to these presets (set focus and rightclick 1-7 buttons on the top right).
Pressing F8 will toggle to always keep the focus in middle view.
When this is on, you can force focus away from middle view by alt + leftclick the area where you wanna set focus. (or middle mouse button).
To only use keyboard you can use ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab to set focus to next/previous area.

Please read more about ‘focus’ in help/tutorials.


I pysjamas!
De kommer ned her nå!
I pysjamas!
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For de vil så gjeeerne mange klemmer få!


Talar du svenska? :D

Anyway, thanks for the tips… I tried to use f8 but couldn’t still move the current selection with arrow keys… I’m interested to hear if most of you use the mouse in the process of loading sounds and samples or is there still true trackers out there using only the keyboard? ;)

You CAN do everything with keyboard (at least 98% of things).
What do you mean by “couldn’t still move the current selection with arrow keys” ?

LALT+arrows moves thorugh instrument box, if this is what you need

LSHIFT+arrows moves the current pattern selection

Ok, left shift + arrows was what I was looking for! Thank you!