Help - I'm about to Buy my First High Quality Guitar VST!

Hello I have a budget of $300 depending on how epic it is. I’ve done a bit of research and have found 5 or 6 that I’ve narrowed it down to. So, before I make my purchase decision I decided to come ask the total bawses at Renoise dot com for their recommendation for a guitar vst. Does anything stand out in your mind? Back me up!

At risk of being one of “those guys” that answers questions other than what’s asked, I think the $300 would be best spent buying the ultimate physical modeling guitar instrument - a guitar.

I’m a mediocre/below-average player and I can honestly say a beginner who’s been playing for a few months will almost always sound more interesting than the most expensive virtual guitar instrument.

Ok, let me try to rephrase this, I was thinking of buying eastwest products, have any of you heard of them before? I was going to get the Complete Composers Collection. Will these products work with Renoise just as any of VST would be expected to work? Thanks


Wow, I’m just getting trolled in every forum I visit lately lol OK, sorry for taking ur time

You’ll want to get a nice guitar sample library for Kontakt, or use a physical modeling synth like Image Line Slayer2 or AAS Stringstudio.

Kontakt has bunch of good sounds. Those east west things should work fine to AFAIK. Regardless, for good sounding guitars it’s always best to use either recorded loops, or record real guitar yourself. Programming guitars is hell of a job and the end result almost always ends up deep inside the uncanny valley.

This one for sure rocks with the electric and some of the acoustic guitars. It is less with Piano and ordinary String instruments though, a few violins are decent but only on a narrow octave range (one or one and a half)
For lead instruments, i would say go for it. For chording, rather advise you to pick up the real thing, it gives you quicker results.

EastWest works fine with Renoise (Well, VST has some bugs but I don’t think it is Renoise related). Ministry of Rock has some pretty good guitar sounds, better than for example in Omnisphere (in my opinion).

I play the real thing, but I think VSTs are also fine if that’s your musical decision and fits your song. I’ve heard tracks with guitar VSTs and didn’t know the difference (compared to real axe). And it’s damn easier to use VST than start learning to play. And just when you think you can play that riff, getting a decent sound into your song with modeling software/hardware/amp/mics is another story.

Check out Vir2’s Electri6ity and Prominy’s guitar series. Electri6ity is pretty amazing.

turn down the default velocity to 70 or less.


realguitar series.

IronAxe :

It has a demo so worth a try.

I know you’re probably sick of hearing it, but you cant beat having a real guitar. With the quality of amp sims these days, especially free ones like LePou, you don’t need a real amplifier. :)

Hey guys thanks for the good advice. I have to say that I’m not annoyed about being advised to get a real guitar it’s just that I have already weighed this consideration before deciding to get a VST. I will say that one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time is Persona 4 and also Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2. And I’m pretty sure the guitar in the soundtracks are synths. I’m not claiming to be a master like Meguro, but masters like Meguro help to demonstrate the electronic/software instruments are vividly capable instruments and I’ve always believed that ever since I first heard The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. sound tracks.


Thanks again

If you guys don’t know who Meguro is, here is a sample of his majesty

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I would go for this one:

Realguitar on it’s own sounds like crap. It’s obvious that you are using a VST. But if you run it through, say, Kontakt’s Guitar Rig you can get amazing results.