Help is this the Renault forum

Can we please switch back to the Bulletin PHP board or what is this kind of Renault forum


Yeah. Forums were the one thing that wasn’t yet utterly fucked up with the padded realtime kiddo shit – but Discourse did a great job.

greets to uniprawn, much respect due.
shouts to chief-chieftan…checksum chieftan out from the coolorful, uninhabited places.
heart that beats within…watch for the ghost pile, wrath of devil. ghost rattle, ghost of wing-on-house. more fruitier than the orangeenia…peace…‘null and void’

I believe that the automatic languaje translator for subtitle of Youtube can translate “Renoise” as “Renault”. :sweat_smile:

In this case, it’s just a bad translation.

what is the connection between music software and the sound ‘ree’?

reaper, reason, reaktor, renoise, redux, rebirth…and many more? maybe those are the only, just like the

big main abalone,
all in all,
reached top of space,
big silence,
outside top of space,
critical path,
formation of living biochamber…
initialize turbo funk.

I really like this forum software. Did you know you can simply drag images into the text editor? :blink: