Help! : Konkreet Performer + Osc


I’ve tried searching the posts and rtfm, but i think i’m just behind on the OSC learning curve.

Right now my set up looks like this:

Hardware: iPad 2, Macbook
Software: Renoise, Reaktor (au fx plug in) running on the mac & Konkreet Performer (KP) running on the ipad

I have successfully been able to control Reaktor with KP running over OSC

it seems there is no native osc support for controlling aus/vsts without running something like Osculator and using that as a midi converter for the osc messages.

Is that incorrect thinking?

Has anyone else tried running a similar setup with positive results?

Just to reiterate: I want to be able to control Reaktor as an au fx on a track in renoise and control that plugin via KP over osc if possible (to cut down on lag), although finding anyway to control it would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Edit / update

Did some more poking around, here’s what i got so far.

went to the following websites and read/downloaded various things :

This got me at least to start sending messages to Renoise to control native inserts pretty well
although so far it has been pretty unreliable especially when it comes to any au or vst
i.e. it is very easily confused when trying to use something like midi learn.
perhaps something pre-mapped would work a lot better, but i’m not really sure how to do that yet either.

in any case there’s rumors of KP using midi instead of osc in the near future but until then this is the best method i could get

It seems ableton live has a bit more support, but i don’t use ableton because i think it sounds awful i guess i could rewire it to renoise, but that just sounds like a failure waiting to happen and not something you’d want to perform with…

here’s to the future!