Help Me Choose New Monitors Speakers


The response on the Yamaha seems quite good, but never had the money in the past to shell out for those.
Can’t tell much about either though, still happy with my Alesis Mk2 (at least they are sold as a set and not per speaker!)

I recently got me some Tannoy Reveal 601a. Love’em! To me they really stood out to the Rokits and the Yamaha. Great stereo image/ phantom stage. Nothing seems hyped. I discovered some new details in music I actually knew very well. Make sure to check them out.

Also using Alesis… Really big bang for buck. If I had the cash, I’d probably check out those yamaha’s… but I don’t have the room fer em. The Alesis are amazing… a little bass heavy. gotta use a spectrum analyzer to take a look at the low, low freqs…

I almost feel like, “I’d need to afford something of even better quality than those yamaha’s to justify a new monitor purchase.”

Yamaha hs80m maybe with some soundproofing.


When I was looking to get new monitors I wiggled it down to the Yamahas and the KRKs. I ended up getting the KRK ones because, for me, it had the sound I was looking for; and I got a real sweet deal with them.

The Yamaha has a much truer sound. They don’t color the sound (much at all). Good if you want to do mastering and/or make songs ready to fly. But as Hermess mentioned above, they probably require a room built for them. A bit more pricey, but with what-you-hear-is-what-you-get.

The KRK does color the sound a bit. They add some bass and sound a bit smoother. Good for making songs in your “bedroom-studio”. I got these because the Y’s were a bit too honest, too clear. That being said, they are good. They do the job extremely well.

Best bet is to bring your music of choice to a store that has them and have a listen for yourself. But you’ve probably already done that.

Until recently I was working in a music store where we had all three of these set-up side by side, so I have had an opportunity to A/B/C them to some extent, although often just using an iPod. They’re all really good value for money, but I’d have to go for the Mackie MR8s, as I am a guitarist first and foremost and they seem to have the strongest mid-range, although I suspect this is slightly exaggerated but sounds good in the frequencies I’m interested in. The Yamaha’s are probably more accurate for detailed mixing and the KRK’s are great for low-end so if you’re into bass-heavy music these would be a great choice.

If you want detailed advice from a trust-worthy source, I would check these reviews out:

Yes, I know the review is for the RP6’s but he does make these comments:

“For this review I’ve focused on the RP6s, but KRK tend to build speakers with a sensibly consistent family sound across each product range. You can thus expect the larger RP8s to reproduce lower frequencies more effectively, and their overall maximum SPL to be a little higher, but the general tonal balance to be much the same. For desktop use in a small space, the RP5s would probably be the best choice from the range”

I second the above, with the tannoys, get the ones with larger driver if you’re in that price range. They are great. They have front firing bass ports, so at very loud levels they make a bit of port noise, but they are good for close quarters. They feel like they are more durable than some other monitors in the same price range. Great for casual listening too. FAntastic stereo image.
I heard those mackies in store and wasn’t all that convinced by them, and some minor details suggested they weren’t built all that well. I was going to go for yamaha HS something or other, but 1. didn’t have enough money 2. wanted something that was nice to listen to other music on.

Either the Yamaha or Mackie. I know both well, and own the HS80Ms. You must get a matched sub with either. It’s totally necessary. It must be calibrated as best as possible. My mixing improved out of sight once I got a sub and set it up right.

Decent weighted stands help too.

I have those, specially because i have a laminate floor and wood has a lot of influence on the lower frequencies.

Maybe you will laugh at me, but a friend of mine which is a respectable sound engineer have some Dynaudio and Genelec ; but the fact is he mostly uses B&W 685. These are Hifi gear, and need an amp. But if you would like to give these a try in a hifi store, you could like it.

The stereo field is really a pleasure to work with ; and all he does is trustable on these speakers. No surprises when you’re used to these.

You can find these beauties for less than 500 euros (street price), with an amp like the Alesis RA-100 or something, you’ll exactly match your 600 euros limit. I listened to a lot of speakers, and really, these things are the shit. But it depends of what your ears would like to hear, this is why my advice is to listen.


Interesting thread.
I am also looking for new monitors, price range about up to 800 eur (pair).
Does anyone else has some recommendations or experience to share? :)

It seems, the Yamaha HS80M were replaced by the HS8 meanwhile.

I recently had a listening session with a good friend of mine. We listened to some Genelecs, Adams, Dynaudio’s and KRK’s.
I myself bought KRK Rokit 8 G2’s about five or six years back. This time I liked the Adams (a7x if I recall correctly) múch better (twice as expensive though) and I also found the Genelecs really clear (nice clean lows).
I’d still recommend you going for a listen yourself. Take a CD with some of your music and music you know very well with you and just listen to as much monitors as you can for a while. Don’t listen to which sound ‘prettiest’ but to which sound most ‘clear’ on the entire frequency spectrum. There are huge differences.