Help Me Decide The Fate Of Vanguard...

Well my friends, I have sadly added another song to be listed under “musical ruin”.

However, to me, it sounds good.

Naturally, this probably means nothing.

This is my first foray so to speak into the Drum 'n Bass style.

I’m sure it sucks, but for some reason I actually like listening to it.

Please, give me some feedback: Should I stop lying to myself and scrap it and work on something worthwhile, or do you see it having potential?

One side-note:

I really don’t like the middle section, still trying to work something out for that. Basically, the parts I want the most feedback in are the start and anything past 2:25.

Burn the Medic Myspace

It’s the one labeled “Vanguard Demo”. Also wouldn’t mind feedback on Endlich…made that one in a day. Had fun with it. Was really inspired that day.

  1. Bass filtering needed - there is too bass much presently. Levels are way too loud and you’re getting bad distortion.
  2. More crazy filtering need on the break to make it sound unique, thing of modulators and LFOs. The busy snares are painful to listen to.
  3. Badly needs some progressive melody early on.

Dark vibe is good.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback.

Yeah, Myspace literally raped the audio quality of it. I mean, it was bad before…but the bass wasn’t nearly at that level. I hadn’t listened to the actual song right after I uploaded it, which obviously was a mistake.

And cool, I’ll mess with the filters and stuff. I haven’t used them before, thus…this is why I go to get help. :)

Thanks Foo.