Help Me Find This Old Mod

I am trying to find this old mod that i had called “organic climax” that has inspired me greatly, but i lost the file a long time ago and i can’t find it anywhere online.

I don’t remember who tracked it, and i don’t remember whether it was mod/s3m/it/xm. it was sorta industrial style mixed with demoscene with a heavy piano lead which i think the sample was called “organic piano”. that’s about all i know other than i remember the guy also had at least 1 more song as well. It didn’t come out any later than 1997 because that’s when i was listening to it. i have done lots of web searches for things like organic.mod climax.mod, etc, but no success…

so if anybody remembers this or knows anything about it like who it’s by, etc, please help a brotha out!! thanks!

uff… tough one!
maybe try reproducing the lead melody or whatever makes that track unique?

That one maybe?…S%2DORCLX%2EZIP

HOLY $#^ THAT’S IT!!! oooooooooohhhhh i’m not even going to listen to it at work because i want to savour it on headphones at home.

thank you sooo much man! that was speedy!

Well, you nearly had the solution in your post, took me 2 mins to google. :P

I’ve tried some search phrases and the following did it (including the footnotes): “organic climax” s3m

Nice it was the right one. :)

doh, i had tried “organic climax mod it s3m” but never just s3m! anyway brings back soooo much memories, i think i will cover this song soon. i also just realized i ripped so many samples from this for my first few songs :D