Help me. I have recovered a corrupt renoise file

The answer may be what I already know, but I tried moving (yes… rather than copying) amy projects over and I accidentally delted projects tghat I ahv e been working on almost a year… I used iobit to undelete a file and I have recovered documents that are .xrns but as soon as they get opend they are corrupt.

Anyone? I have the project files if anyone has any ideas here

No joke, this brouight me to tears.

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First stop using that drive you deleted the files from .R-Studio Data Recovery Software helped me when i formatted the wrong disk give it a shot but dont use the drive you lost the files

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Downloading it. I’ll see what happens thanks

I have it open, how do i search for a file name?

Do not save the recovered files in the same drive you lost them

I bought the product. Undeleted the files. Same as iobity suystemcare. I wanted to be sure, but rrecovery isn;'t the issue, the files got corrupted in the move and no file that has been rovered will iopen. If you have any suggestions on fixing corrupted files that would be great, but the size of the file is 1/10 of what it was. I will just have to restart. Thanks though

I am sorry man don’t know about corrupted files but why don’t you make another post on other music forums like kvr.I am pretty sure others had the same problem and maybe there is a solution

Thank you

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