Help Me Identify The Song's Style

Hi, Renoisers!!!

I’ve been making some tune of mine… and suddenly stumbled with the question - what the hell is the style of it? Your opinions please!


Thanx in advance.

PS: I beg my pardon for possible silliness of the question.

Hmm… I think it’s classified as ‘music’

According to the Winamp Autotag functionality, this track is entitled Chapter 5z8, is by recording artist Laurell K. Hamilton of her album Micah released in 2006 and is of the genre General Audio Book. It was composed by Rey Colette

This is a nice track I think. Was going to say it was just a melodic instrumental until it delved into a trancey breakbeat number :)

should I consider this as a compliment? :)
however - “music” of what style?

is it a joke? :blink: …I thought (while composing) that it’s MY tune!!! …and who the hell is “Laurell K. Hamilton”?

hmmm… “breakbeat” sounds ok… but: 1. nuskool or oldskool; 2. how to “interpret” the beggining part of the tune (in conjunction with the rest)?

It was a joke only in that I knew winamp would give me odd results. Those are the actual auto-tag results that winamp gave, however. Note to self: Only use auto-tag on pop music :P

That all said: Genre is silly. What genre do YOU think this is? ;)

Great track, btw.

Well… actually making a tune there are only TWO things in my mind - the mood and if the beat will be broken or straight… that’s it! So there come the tunes like this one… Crazy mixture of everything…
The reason of asking actually is… the further promoting - knowing the style is the key of right choise of the label to submit to…

PS: btw, thanx for any positive responses on the song itself

Yeah, you should :)

And my point was the same as Byte’s: why tag it?
For safety, you can just crawl under the big blanket of Dance ;)

It sounds like Danny Elfman on serious ACID :badteethslayer:

thanx for 4 kind words :rolleyes:

because of… labels got those “style/genre borders”!!! …and seems like there is none suitable (for that kind of mixture) :(

oh, damn!!! saw the movie but heard no music!!! - but… hell!!! you damn right!!! the MOOD is exectly the same!!! …so should I “tag” it as soundtrack one? :)

PS: no ACID of any kind!!! :)

Choose one:
8bit acid aggrotech ambient bass bassline beat big bitpop breakbeat breakcore breaks breakstep brokenbeat bubblegum chip chiptune clownstep club cosmic cyberpunk dance darkcore darkside darkstep demoscene digital dischouse disco dnb doomcore downtempo drone drum drumbient drumfunk dubstep electrbackbeat electrhouse electro electroacoustic electroclash electronic electronica electropop electropunk electrrock ethereal ethnic eurdisco euro eurobeat eurodance europop folktronica freeform freestyle funk funky futurepop gabber gamewave garage ghetthouse ghettotech glitch grime grind happy hard hardcore hardcore/hard hardstep hardstyle hiphop house house/microhouse idm illbient industrial influenced intelligent japanoise jazz jump jumpstyle jungle liquid metal minimal music neofolk neurofunk new newage nintendocore noise noisecore nrg oldschool picopop pop powerpop progressive psy psybient psybreaks psychedelic psyprog psytrance punk ragga raggacore rave rock sambass schranz scouse skacid speedcore step synthpop synthpunk tech technbass techno techstep tekno terrorcore trance trance/goa trancestep tribal triphop uplifting

illbient? japanoise? :P

Hey I just yanked them from wikipedia or somethin. Lemme alone :P