Help Me Make A Decision

So at the moment I can by reaktor 5.5 or zebra 2.5 …both second hand and for a verry reasonable price , especially reaktor .
But I just can’t decide which to buy , I know both programs quit good and love both , altough I am not a reaktor wizard I am capable of making my own tapedelay stuff and synths …orr just goof around and see what comes out .
Now the main reason why I should go for reaktor is because of the good deal I can get ( 1/3 of actual retail prize )and because there are so many ensembles out there in the user library that will get me covered for a verry long time , but that’s also the downpoint…I sincerely believe in the ‘more is less’ attitude …and zebra 2.5 really is an awesome synths that covers lots of different synthesis ground …the updated filters in 2.5 sounds verry yummie …
What to do , I have to decide in a couple of days …

i personally think reaktor would be the better long term value for money option as you have infinite possibilities with that!!

edit:I sincerely believe in the ‘more is less’ attitude

me 2…however, in this case since we are talking about your hard-earned money i would think value and then just be disciplined and not download every available synth for reaktor!!

plus too, you could get reaktor and just decide to focus on it almost exclusively for sound production which is a limiting idea in itself…

this is not even a serious question, of course Reaktor!!!1111111

this says I

reaktor. Limiting yourself to particular ensembles is a wonderful way of working.

Second hand Zebra’s can be found all the time, but I can’t remember last time I saw someone selling Reaktor. Reaktor is very overpriced compared to price of Komplete, so it’s not very common for someone to own just Reaktor.

So, my advice is - if you are not interested in other/more than two NI products get Reaktor, if you want more from NI get Zebra and buy Komplete later.

Edit: In the other hand because Reaktor is so rare you should just just get it and if you want Komplete later you can probably sell Reaktor for more than you paid for it. Only weak point in this plan is possibility of Reaktor update which lowers price of your version.

Last year native instruments did this insane action , 100 euro for anything from their catalogue , too bad I found out to late .
I don’t think reaktor as a program is overpriced , maybe it is in comparison to the komplete bundle , which is cheap considering what you get for your money , but there is nothing else in that bundle that I need .
So yeah , I’ll go for reaktor …bye bye ‘try before buy’ version

yayyyyyyyyyyy!! have fun!! excited to hear your creations!! :walkman: