Help Me To Get Rid Of This Eq Plugin.

Gentlemen, i´d like to show you my little friend

Trough many years, all my projects had into the master channel this little VST plugin.
It sounds GREAT! mostly this same configuration for all my songs. It adds the final brightness to the sound
It goes just after de master compressor.

The problem:

I´d like to get rid of this plugin, because i´d like to make my projects more portable.
This plugin is no longer developed, and it was comercial. (even it´s no longer avaliable for download)
It´s a Windows only plugin (ouch! now i have a mac)

Well, i feel like an idiot saying this, but i don´t know how this plugin works, i moved those knobs until it sounded good.
To me seems to be a parametric equalizer with an optional phase inversion (good knows what´s that) :rolleyes:

It only has a few parameters. I think (i hope!) it can be replaced with some internal DSPs that sound similiar to it.
So i am seeking the help of an experienced renoiser to help me in this complicated divorce. :unsure:

thanks for reading


Why don’t you do the same using the EQ10? Just twist and turn those parameters until you are happy with the sound? If it worked once, it will work twice. :)

If you wont replace this EQ check this series from PSP ->pspaudioware

… looks like an emulation of a neve 1073 channel-eq.
there are a lot of them out there.

2 examples:

--> UAD 1073


--> Waves VEQ3

I like the UAD-emulation very much (but not as master-eq … only as channel-eq).
In my oppinion its not possible to get this rich, glossy highs out of the EQ10 … (the uad uses upsampling to 192 khz to emulate that).

MMM very interesting, those seem to be good replacements for de URS plugin. I´ll be tied again to a concrete plugin but…
if it is impossible to simulate the sound with internal DSPs i have no other choice.

Thank you very much for the info.


The ‘mixer EQ’ is exactly that. Shelves and Bell EQ.

Will try with the mixer EQ, i don´t like to be married again with an specific plugin for this.

You may find interesting SonEQ.

“The Mac version is coming soon …”