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hi! if i have a sample, let´s say a breakbeat in let´s say 150 BPM, and i want to change its tempo to let´s say 130 BPM, is it possible to stretch it/slow it down without changing the actual sound (without making it sound like a tape in a walkman with too low batteries)?

same problem with for example a guitar loop; can i change its tempo without changing its tune with “renoise”?? i don’t wanna have to screw up the samples quality just because it doesn´t have the right tempo for my track!!

waiting for help…

no, you will need an external program to make it sound any good. (like timefactory). Another option would be to cut the loop up (in 16ths or something) but that does not always work.

additionally… to make quality stretch it would not be realtime. it would need to be resampled to veryveryveryvery high freq and then downsampled to original sample rate which would definately not be realtime. Realtime stretchers don’t have such resolution so final effect is almost always “metallic - like” sound.

Take a look at:…asp?ID=VP-9000

The Roland VP-9000 Variphrase processor does what you want,
but it has very limited polyphony (six voices) and many other limitations,
yet it costs 20 Renoise registrations! So I guess it’s not an option after all… :(

I suppose people have said basicly the same thing in this thread before but anyway…

Try a one of these:

Sound Forge
Gold Wave (shareware)
Cool Edit Pro (shareware)

These programs can be downloaded through
All of them have some sort of time stretch function.

Personaly I have always just fiddled with the settings to get the result I want and I’ve never really thaught of resampling. This is ofcourse a clever way to get a better result and these three programs all handle resampling aswell.

I’m sure you can find loads of different programs out there that solves your program. To implement it into Renoise would probably (I’m no coder) be impossible… Atleast until we have the computer power to handle this in realtime. =)

Ok, that’s it…