Help needed with midi and multiple instruments with the same channel

Hi there! I come from Octamed Soundstudio on the Amiga and I’m importing some old tracks and have noticed something which I need some assistance with. Firstly a brief outline of my current setup:

I have an external synth, the Yamaha DX27 which only allows for 1 program to be played at any one time on a single midi channel. I have mine setup to receive on midi channel 16.

I have a few old Octamed tracks which I’m currently in the process of converting and importing into Renoise. In Octamed I have a couple of instruments set up with midi channel 16 and different programs each to play different sounds on the DX 27. If I select one of the instruments, it plays the correct program on the synth. If I then select another instrument it automatically sends the correct program and the synth plays the different preset.

This is also the case for the sequence. If I have “instrument 1” playing in track 5 in block 1 for example and then “instrument 2” playing in track 5 in block 2 then the correct sound / preset is played in each of them. i.e. the synth always plays the correct preset / program which is set for the instrument in the sequencer.

Now to Renoise:
If I select an instrument in Renoise which is set to midi channel 16 and whatever program number is set, the synth will only play the correct preset if I manually change the program in the instrument settings in the midi tab. Selecting another Renoise instrument which is set to midi channel 16 with a different program number does not update the synth / change the program and needs to be set manually again / refeshed.

The same goes for the sequence. If at the beginning of the song the DX 27 is set to use program 8 for example by playing some notes in lets say track 5 for arguments sake, and then another different instrument is set to play / use program 10 in track 5 further down the sequence, the synth is stuck on program 8 and plays the wrong sound.

Is there a setting / method for making Renoise automatically update the sound being played on the synth when a different instrument is selected / played in the song?