Help Please; Recovering Xrns

I hope someone can help me out in time! As the topic title said, this isn’t really a bug report, I’m hoping someone can help me figure out whether I can save my song after it crashed. So here goes:

My system: Linux using Renoise 2.8.b8
working on a track for a few hours… I stopped playback, and before the audio tails had ended, I switched window. When I come back to the window, it’s frozen and greyed-out. I haven’t closed it yet in case doing so deletes the temporary files. I next started hunting down the temp files, and my best guess is they’re in /tmp/renoise-2328/Renoise_TmpPath-0-2/Renoise_Tmpfile-0-15.tmp , this file has got xml song data in it and was last updated around the time i was working on this song. I try loading it into Renoise( both as a .tmp and replacing the file extension with .xrns ) and it says the file’s corrupted… Have I missed something? Is there any way to save it?

Thanks in advance for any help <3

I also checked in Home/.renoise/V2.8.0/CrashBackups and there was not a file from today’s date. I checked the Log, and the latest line was something like AudioIO: manually handling messages? I couldn’t tell if it was related to the crash seeing as I had run Renoise afterwards… I didn’t see anything else interesting in there.

did you copied the file to a new place?
If this has only XML data, simply save a new xrns file, rename it to zip and add the particular file that you saved into the zip as “song.xml” and hope for the best.

No luck, I’m not sure I have the right software to even unzip it, nor the low-level xrns knowledge to pull it off. I re-made it to the best of my abilities, and for once in my life, it turned out better than the original! I always end up disappointed with trying to recreate something I’ve lost, but by George! CASE CLOSED. Thank you vV.

Edit: Capitalizing George

It always works better when you are pissed off than when you are feeling hopeless (usually in the latter case, any start is a false start)