Help Please.


I have been using Renoise 2.5 for about 2 months and a week or so ago the patterns stopped scrolling down the screen. I don’t know if I switched it into another mode somehow,by accident… But I would like to be able to put it back into the normal mode.

Also,I have noticed the undo doesn’t work sometimes when I am doing sample editting,again,I am not sure why.

I was hoping someone could help me with these issues.

Apart from than that,nothing to report,everything works well.



press “scroll lock” and it will follow again or activate as described here: (=

you might wanna look into that mode too though. it is very convenient sometimes even for putting in notes when to pattern is scrolling imo.

undo on sample editing should always work unless you have unchecked the “Undo” checkbox which is on the lower left corner of the sample window. for which kind of sample editing tasks undo does not work for you?


I’ll try what you’ve both suggested. The sampling tasks I have been doing are just normal editting like trimming etc.