Help ! Regarding Id3-tags Of Streaming Mp3 Files

So I finally kicked my own ass, revived Eastern Crates, converted the whole thing to wordpress, added some more stuff etc. etc., but one thing really drives me nuts :

Although all my MP3 Files are tagged correctly with ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags atleast in my Winamp 3.x Version only the filename is displayed. It seems to load the tags but does not display them. Same in VLC. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or if it works for them ?! I am really loosing my hair here …

quick link to such a file is here.

I just tested your link in Winamp5 and the artist/title shows up correctly. It didn’t show up in VLC.

(edited some other stuff out which was incorrect, sorry)

you sure ? I always though that data is stored in the header (at the beginning of a file) ?! But glad to know it works atleast in winamp 5.

Yeah sorry, my mistake. It’s in both the header and the footer, I just wasn’t looking closely enough at the header. I was dabbling around with this myself a while ago, and I knew that some data was stored in the footer, so I immediately thought of that just now.