Help! Rendering Issue

I am sequencing a synth through an effects unit; it plays back in stereo but on rendering only records the left channel.

4045 renosiebug.png

Signal path is as follows:

TRACK 1. Synth --> Line input (mono) --> Send S01
S01. Sends a mono signal to an effects unit
TRACK 2. Effects unit input (mono)–> Master

So why does it play back in stereo, but render only the left channel??

Your help is appreciated,

Your S01 already only plays one channel and the panning of your S01 is set to left. Is there a reason why the panning is set to the extreme left?
It sounds more like playback has a bug as it should also play only the left channel.

Because Line-Ins are not rendered! Or outputs are disabled might be more accurate. I can’t remember the exacts now but the short is you can not do this… You will see there is no audio on your Line In track in the second screenshot.

Yes, the send is going to “Stereo out 3/4”. Output 3 goes to the effect unit.

Okay; but if I remove the effect unit it renders the synth (through line-in) with no problems. I am rendering in real-time.

it must just be the outputs of the soundcard which are disabled then. As I said I couldn’t quite remember. A request to change this has been made a long time ago! Fingers crossed for the forthcoming release…

Rendering real-time should also render the line in, but as Kazakore said:The audio output from within Renoise is disabled during rendering, so your external effect isn’t receiving anything from Renoise when it is rendering, hence nothing will be send to the line-in.

I see, I tried this in Cubase and the same thing happens. I will record it in two stages as a workaround; your help is much appreciated!