Help Somebody...

its -30 C and no snow here in estonia… im freeeeeezin :ph34r: :w00t:

Same problem. -30 and some snow in Russia now. I’m frezzing when i’m outdoor :)

does ReNoise work at extremely low temperatures? :lol:

yeah, renoise works very good ;) and i dont need fancy cooling system for my CPU as its +9 C in my room right now :lol:

ill light up a fire in the stove later though…

but actually im getting used to it and it doesnt seem so cold anymore :)

Unfortunately i dont have BB entry :( as im working mostly on my BA diploma… its my last chance to get it and i dont want to blow it :)

help me once more… not its over +30 C out here and pretty hot for quite some time already :)

Aw yeah, we’re melting here… Weird thing is, it’s WAY hotter inside than on the outside! We’re saving heat, and we can’t even help it!

Gwah. Nop, the oven’s not turned on. :P