Help! Sync...

I really really need to sync renoise to logic properly. It would also be great to get audio into logic (rewire, rewire ,rewire,rewire,rewire ,rewire ,rewire we need rewire).

But anyway I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours f**king about with preferences when I could have been making music. I want to slave renoise to logic but only 1 of 2 things happens:

  • the sync light flashes in renoise, but renoise doesn’t do anything
  • renoise jumps to an obscene bpm and the audio engine crashes

How much is a license to use rewire - I am considering buying one for taktik. I am so frustrated with this sync shit. Does anyone know how to do it… has it even been done before?

:panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

Please help!!!

dude, logic = mac
im using IAC. I just dont think it works.


Make sure that you’ve enabled the small “Clock” button next to the BPM in Renoise as well. Then hit start in Logic to start slaving Renoise…

What happens exactly?

The licence is no problem (and is also free). Implementing this thing is the problem…

The small clock button was on when i tired to do it.

The best i can do is get logic to start and stop, whilst being the slave to renoise - it doesn’t get the bpm or song position. But I want renoise to be the slave and logic the master.

This is what happens when renoise listens to tc from logic using IAC:
the bpm goes to something stupid like 4363256322 and it plays ridiculously fast (faster than even mr snares). Then about 3 seconds after it says something to the effect of “the cpu is maxed out so i have stopped the audio”. But then if i dont turn off tc from logic and reset the bpm, this error message repeatedly comes up about every 2 seconds.

This suggests to me that there is a midi clock feedback loop going on (wow, is that even possible?!).

Taktik, by saying rewire is hard to implement, do you mean hard or impossible, because I would be perfectly happy to buy renoise another 2 times just to see rewire support. Make that 3 times.

been trying for ages again - doesn’t work for shit.

Make that 4 times.

hmm… hey for what reason are you using logic for?

If you need just some sequencer to sequence notes, you could try the Energy XT2…

You can even record automation for plug-ins and edit it as midi by using XT. (meaning plug-ins inside renoise )

A BPM of 4363256322 in Renoise or in Logic? Such BPMs technically are technically impossible in Renoise. Wonder how you managed to do this…

Please check your IAC routing / MIDI device setup in Renoise and Logic again. In Renoise only use the IAC in the MIDI slave config, not anywhere else. In Logic only as the device to send clock to. Do you have some other MIDI routing apps running? Then disable those.

Nothing is impossible. Hard, because an audio app has to be designed from scratch to support something like ReWire. ReWire is an inter process communication. Thats programming wise very tricky. Anyway, we’ll see what we can do to nevertheless make this happen in future…

yea man, the really high bpm was in renoise (it was something like 4363256322, but it changes - actually it increases really quickly when you press play in logic). It was so fast that the number didn’t all fit in the bpm box. Logic’s bpm and play head is unaffected.

029, I’m using logic so I can record audio in sync with renoise… I have hardware which I need to bounce to make new parts etc. Is there another way you can suggest for recording audio in sync? (Recording a 7 minute sample which is triggered on the first beat is not really an option!)

mmh, in theory Energy XT 2.02 should manage that…

It is a sequencer inside a sequencer if you want it to function like that. You can also use it as a stand alone sequencer or inside Renoise.

Imo it has all the features needed for anything, but I have not personally tested how well it functions in Audio use under another host… =)

I’d suggest you give it a try and check it out… I just got the 2.02 myself and I’ll do some testing myself too in the near future so we can discuss this and change some ideas later on this forum…

good luck to get it to work :)

thanks man but that program doesn’t run on mac.


Do you know if it will work with wine, vmware fusion or the X window system? If there are any alternatives that run on mac then I’ll be really please to hear of them!


sorry but I do not know about that… I think that even if it did work, renoise on a mac would not recognize it due to the differences of the VST structure on these two platforms. I think someone who actually knows about this stuff (mac&coding) could answer to this question better than me.

I think you could use the “sync” option that’s included in renoise 1.9 to overcome this audioplayback problem. You can slice long audiosamples to just the exact lengths of patterns. Using it like this the audio will allways begin on every pattern just as if you had a sequencer running alongside.

edit: when testing this tell me if you have probs and I can post a tutorial or something…

My using the IAC Driver, Garageband and Renoise is as follows:

  • Make a new Renoise instrument
  • Click the Instrument Settings tab near the bottom left
  • Set Device to IAC Driver Bus 1

When I sequence using that instrument in Renoise then play it back, that information is sent to the selected Garageband track. I’m only interested in using Garageband as an instrument. I can also record this information in Garageband, render it, and put it back in Renoise as a sample.

I am getting the exact same issue. I set Renoise to run in slave mode and Logic to be the master. When I hit play in Logic, Renoise’s BPM shoots up to quadrillion and CPU meter dies.

Any suggestions?

what Logic version? and rns version? and mac os version?

Mac OS X 10.5.1
Logic 8
Renoise 1.9

Any help would be much appreciated. I would like to be able to use Renoise synced up with Logic so I can use the former to output MIDI to the latter (I hate piano rolls).

damn. the same…

notice: i have 1.9.1 rns and logic 8.0.1

Dou you get the same issue on your configuration?
I’ll try RNS 1.9.1 and see if that makes any difference.

Still the same issue!

yeah dude, the same shit, renoise gone crazy @ bpms, and logic is stuttering and blahblahblah.

damn, we need a solution…

Let me take a look at this later today. Seems Logic does something strange with the clocks…