Help! Sync...

Found out why this happens with Logic only:

Logic sends out MIDI events over the IAC bus with zero time stamps. This is somewhat ugly. You can see this by yourself by routing Logics MIDI clock output into

I have added a workaround for this now (generating time stamps in such cases), but this is really something that Apple (Logic) should fix…

Does someone know some kind of patchbay/routing app for OSX that routes MIDI events while also timestamping them? Then we could use this app as a workaround for now.

hm, what about writing a letter to logic dev kru? may be they`ll fix it or …

yeah i have the same problem as you guys. pretty annoying.

are you able to get renoise as master and logic as slave?

the same with master and slave.
tried. nothing.
logic in slave mode just doing nothing than eating cpu cycles (audio stuttering) when one of the routed midi channels starting to play.


yeah this is really annoying.

is it best to have renoise as master if we get this to work, as then you can be working on for example a certain part of the song writing drums, while logic plays back your long audio track?

would logic sync to the play marker in renoise?

found a simple but shit workaround for now.

If you have a midi interface, physically pug midi out B into midi in A.

Set logic to transmit everything on midi out B and renoise to slave to midi in A.

It works like this, but people without a hardware midi interface wont be able to do it.

Tactic, when will this workaround be available, is it coded into renoise?


Hmm, hardware midi interface.

What about a midi built in a usb keyboard controller? Will it work?

maybe if you have something hard core but a standard controller keyboard might lack the functionality - I can’t do it on mine, it has no input. Give it a try tho!


i know this wont help you much right now, but ive been using renoise on the windows side of my mac (using bootcamp) synched with Reaper.
Reaper is currently being ported to Mac, but its way behind the windows version.
still, on windows it works great.