Help! The Asio Control Panel Won't Go Away

I clicked on the asio control panel twice by mistake and got two instances of it, now one of them won’t close down. I’m in the middle of a track which i haven’t saved in a while and now i can’t reach the Renoise interface because this control panel is in the way. :(
Is there any quick solution to this so i don’t have to throw away all my work? :o
Couldn’t find the process for it in the task manager either, not shure if there’s anything to do?

Edit: It saved the file when i shut down Renoise, so it’s not that urgent. Still a bug it seems though.

Yes, but not Renoise. The audio card manufacturer should program their controls that you can always shut their dialogs down or they simply not open up multiple instances if that is not the purpose, this is not something Renoise (or any DAW) can detect, handle or solve.

Ok, i’ll probably not do that to often anyway. :)