Help the cat sale. Done.

I have some plugins for sale at KVR to help me out paying medical bills for my cat. Maybe you find something useful in the list, let me know then here or at KVR.

Thanks for looking!


Sorry to hear about the cat, vets bills can be a nightmare!

Unfortunately Ive got a lot of that stuff and dont own alchemy but good luck with the sale!

Yes, i’m at several hundred Euros already, tough if not prepared for it. :(

It’s quite common stuff for the most part. The Alchemy packs can be used without Alchemy though, they provide a player version which can load them, but you don’t have the full editing capabilities like with the full version.

Yes definitely, I heard of one guy who ended up in the thousands to get his dog operated on. That`s an extreme case though, hopefully your cat will be on the mend well before anything like that.

Certainly will have a look at least.

edit: Just seen you`ve sold the Alchemy stuff. Good to see the sale is going well!

Yes, the sale went well so far and i have a huge amount of the costs covered now. Only have the T-RackS 3 Vintage Compressor Model 670 left. Will leave it up for sale till end of September. My Jampoints expire then and without those the transfer fee would be so high it’s not worth selling anymore.

Yes the resale value on IK stuff can be quite low, particularly when they have a lot of offers themselves,

anyway hope your cat is better soon!