Help to evaluate the mix?

I’ve realized that my songs sound pretty awful when listening on different speakers.

So lately I’ve been reading Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio by Mike Senior. I’ve tried plenty of stuff that Mike is writing about: mono compatibility, mix structure, doubling, ducking etc.

I remixed one of my previous compositions. Basically I opened Renoise, throw away all effects and reworked the mix from the start.

But I know that my ears alone won’t tell me the truth. So now I’m asking help: how does this sound to you? How would you improve this/where did I go wrong? Really, any comments would be appreciated!

i would try some NY comp on the drum bus but other then that it’s all good for me

Moving acoustic guitar parts further away from center should help clear up the sound of the drum kit, too.

Thanks! I did not know about New York compression, now I do :)

I just uploaded a new version with NY compressed drums and guitars slightly more on sides. I try not to hard pan guitars to maintain mono compability (losing some volume when summed, but maybe I should not care…)

Anyway, the new version has quite punchy drums. Now I am wondering if it’s too loud/overcompressed?

This may be an over generalization, but I feel like it is the rare occasion to encounter an actual instrumentalist (other than midi keyboardist of coarse) who produces in renoise. , So I think this track is a cool demonstration of renoise’s versatility. In any event, I enjoyed the tune, and I am no pro, but the mix sounds good to me.