Help to recover a previous version of a file


Accidentally I save a song and now I would like to know if there is a method to go back to previous version of the same song. I mean if the file has an history of previous saves and they can be extracted. I am not trying to restore it with a backup that I has.

Please, Can you help me?.

My guess is that when you saved it’s already lost. Happened to me also last time. Better save different versions (_01, _02, etc.) in the future in case that happens.

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:-(, thanks lilith.

Not 100% sure, so there’s little hope left :wink:

Anyone can help?.

Go to: Renoise\Edit\Preferences\Plug/Misc
Check if you has the “Auto save backups” enabled.

If not, you have probably lost your job.

Get used to making backup copies of your important files, such as work during the production of a song.

Do this! It is a good method…

Thanks Raul. Porbably I lost the file if there are not other methods to recover.

The problem is exactly that. If you overwrite a file, all of the above is lost. Renoise does not save any history in the XRNS file. You cannot load a finished song, and go back. And it is logical that this is. Going back could trigger certain conflicts in many places.

But there is any chance?.

This is a comment of BYTE-Smasher:

Well in that case I’m adding my two cents: Multiple revisions in a song file kthx. A diff(it’s a unix tool… google it) of the XML would be easy enough to do, and there are binary diff algorythms out there as well that would work for sample data. In the file menu, there could be “revert to previous revision”. The backups of course would simply be the latest copy of the song… both of which would contain the revisions. That said, the multiple revisions bit could be optional.

If you mean recovering a previous state of your song, the answer is no, because they are lost data (overwritten).

However, if you mean to program it under Renoise, I think it is viable. Basically a song are only loose audio files (sometimes) and a simple xml file all in one zip. Technically you could make a record to save different states of the song. But then there should be some way to select that state. It is a somewhat absurd situation, because if you want to do it, manually save several different copies and that’s it.

Ok, thanks for all.