Help. Volume Tracking Not Working At Places.

well i just got this file fixed up by renoise tech support. and its all good except this (possibly unrelated) hickup:

if you open the file you’ll notice that the 5th pattern in the song (50) and the few following it(42,47,46) have a little melody tracked out in multiple columns (8,9,10,11)
i’ve offset the melody on each line and lowered the volume to create a delay/reverb sound.
but you’ll notice that Renoise isn’t respecting the volume values. its playing them all at full volume. i checked elsewhere in the song and saw that this wasn’t a problem anywhere else.

any idea what may be causing this?


well i figured out how to fix the problem… not that i’m exactly sure what it was.
in the rows following each note, a different instrument was tracked (without a note value or volume value) and deleting those instrument trackings resolved the problem.
don’t understand.
can any one explain?
is there an overlying feature i can toggle so that i dont have to go in and massively edit out all this crap?

thanks again

Was this from an old XM converted song?
Converting old formats usually require quite some work to get some areas going. Even if they would sound okay.
They are usually not optimized in the way you can use Renoise effectively itself.

In this case i would have chosen to copy the notes from all the other columns to simply mix-paste them into one column (see advanced edit) and use the delay device to do that job for me instead of muddling with multiple columns.