[help] What Kind Of Computer Problem Do I Have?

Sounds like windows is caching. Or you have indexing service on. Or something similar. Anyway it seems that your computer is performing some operations and has to “switch focus” into Renoise or has gone sleep/standby/whatever (don’t use these myself) and has to read (parts of) it from the disk cache. Program startup thing is because Windows keeps parts of the program in the memory for future use after terminating until some active program wants to use the memory.

Check your page file setup and turn off indexing service are the first steps. If you haven’t done that already.

It’s fine to leave it running if you are willing to pay the electricity bill. ;) Otherwise I would advice you to turn it off when you don’t use it. Or put it to standby. And restart every so often when you see the need, Windows likes restarting.

I’ve turned off the Indexing service, and I don’t think it turn off the problem. What were the other options, and how do I execute them?

Does computer steal a lot of electricity? I’ve heard it doesn’t. But I could be wrong. Anyway, in this apartment I get the electricity with the rent-bill so that’s not a problem - could be for the global warming though ;). But I’m thinking more on the “health” of the computer… Well, I guess adequate is the best, not restarting too often nor too rare.