Help With A Desktop Build

Yeah you all enjoy the new release of Renoise, me I was all set waiting for it to happen when my laptop decided to die the day before beta testing! Right now I am using my dad’s old IBM thinkpad with a Intel pentium II speedmachine, I think it would just faint if it even had to think about running renoise!

I have scrapped up some money (about £450.00) and am looking to get a built desktop machine which would be suitable for music production. So my question is what should I be looking for regarding type of processor, what chip sets to avoid, graphics card, soundcard and general do’s and don’ts, to get a pc within my budget. Also should I get windows 7 or stick with XP?

I would be grateful of any help here, I would have tried to work all of this out myself but I want to get back music production as quick as possible, and I have’nt even come in sniffing distance of the new release of Renoise yet, imagine that! Thanks.

I don’t about the later half of your inquiry(soundcard etc).

However, anything from Core 2 Duo and above should work like magic. It works perfectly on my laptop with 30+ plug ins at once…4 of them sometimes uber-processor intensive(convultion processing etc). Mind you, it is insufficient not to add that this is greatly aided by the 3gb of ram it came with!

Take that into consideration as that is of equal importance to processor capabilty!

Graphics card shouldn’t be a concern as excessive animation can slow down audio processing capabilty dramatically(unless gaming, video editing etc. is of importance). Henceforth why my processor-taxed tracks run gr8 on my Vista laptop! I have disabled all the excess Vista graphics!

On that note, hearing really good things about Windows 7…

@I’ve never experienced 2D graphics and animations affecting CPU usage.

You are right, I was not specific with that portion of my response! I was talking rubbish! :rolleyes:

Thanks for the replies it is much appreciated. On your recommendations I think go a dedicated graphics card and the muti-core processor with the fastest highest speed that my money can stretched to, and at least 4gb of RAM.

I think I am also going to take this opportunity to take the plunge with Windows 7 (64 bit), as I feel I may be backtracking buying and installing XP again. I just hope my old VST’s and cooledit pro (which I still use a lot) will run ok on it.

As for soundcard I may go for an M Audio delta 44 PCI 24/96 or the M Audio delta Audiophile 24/96 as their seems to be a lot people who have theses on the forums. Just need to track down a good computer shop to build it now, anyway thanks again.